We manage business risks through security services and technology

Cultural Security Management Advanced Course

The security of cultural heritageItaly is a country that possesses an inestimable artistic and cultural heritage, thanks to its history, its traditions, its deep roots in the past, and has the right to have this heritage preserved, ...

Rethinking risk management models to face with unstable geopolitical scenarios

Think Tank
Are we facing a risk of a blockade of maritime trade and a possible oil shock?The question that has been echoing for some time now we have heard it often in recent years. We experienced it in the pandemic era with the worldwide repercussions of ...


Technologies and new skills: challenges and scenarios

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The process of digitisation of the country and the development of network and technological infrastructures is proceeding at varying speeds, yet much remains to be done if we consider the less encouraging data on the skills required to meet ...

Artificial Intelligence, the primary theme is the ability to do analysis with data

The rapidity and extraordinary change of the times due to the digital revolution are experienced and interpreted in contrasting ways. While on the one hand one notes its inevitability by trying to preserve principles and values through ...

Milan Design Week 2023

Milano Design Week 2023On the occasion of the Salone del Mobile week that will take place in Milan from 18 to 23 April, Secursat once again this year, in continuity with the event organised during the last edition of the Salone del Mobile ...

The Secursat Technology Hub: from security to risk management

How did this project come about?In the light of evolving international scenarios and the dynamics affecting risk management, which have made speed of action and adaptability indispensable for responding to new threats, those involved ...


Are we ready for the challenges?


Evolving Security: AI, Advanced Analytics and Operational Resilience in the Financial Sector

DORA and its implicationsOn 16 January 2023, the new European regulation DORA (Digital Operational Resilience Act) came into force and will be binding from 17 January 2025. This regulation has the function and objective of consolidating ...

Secursat - Banking and Security

16 - 17 May 2023Milan, Auditorium Bezzi Banco BPMThe annual event dedicated to the most innovative physical and IT security solutions within the banking and financial world will be held again this year for its 20th edition.Secursat will ...


              The regulatory evolution of UNI 9795:2021           

Security Operation Center… beyond the norm!


Analysis, resource organization and data detective activities are the basis for creating a technological management site. Francesca Balducci, Security Assessment and Data Analysis Account within the Secursat Business Development team, ...

Security Operation Center o Network Operation Center?


Security Operation Center, Control Room, or as defined by the UNI CEI EN 50518: 2020 standard, Monitoring Alarm Receiving Center, can become the nerve center in the management of security services. ...


The Replay Project

The guidelines for the design of a Security Operation Center


A Security Operations Center (SOC) is the heart of security management and is conceived and designed with the aim for collecting data and information useful for the protection of the business, as well as for company management, to guide ...

Secursat, the future of sucurity is flexible, technological, inclusive and sostenible


The rapid change of the scenarios in which we move and their complexity make it difficult to elaborate definitive considerations, as the changes are now faster than our narration. ...


Our projects

Security Consulting Model for real estate: Gioia 22 project

A PREDICTIVE AND ANALYTICAL APPROACH TO FACE A NEW SECURITY SCENARIOThe rapid changes in the economic, social and political context, due to the globalization of markets and technological innovations and correlated with the terrorist ...

Secursat and Hitachi Rail Italy


Naples, Pistoia, and Reggio Calabria are the three Italian plants in which Hitachi Rail Italy started the production and assembly of high-speed and innovative vehicles, such as the Frecciarossa and the new train named “Rock”, entirely made in ...


Security model for sport: projects for sports centers


On the one hand, the need to guarantee safety for the best use of sporting events and on the other hand the growing attention to sustainability issues that are increasingly shaking global markets, also affecting the world of sport, which ...

Secursat for the world of sport

THE PROJECT FOR THE MONZELLO SPORTS CENTRE As part of a wider developmental project dedicated to the model of organization and management of sports facilities and events, in a regulatory framework that focuses on the active prevention of ...


Digitize help-desk processes

Digital Week 2022

10 - 14 November 2022 Milano Digital Weekn the occasion of the Milano Digital Week held from 10 to 14 November 2022, on Monday 14 November Secursat hosted the event "Una security digitale e sostenibile: un punto di vista al femminile" at the ...

Milan Design Week 2022

7 - 12 June 2022 Massimo Catalani in MilanOn the occasion of the week of the Salone del Mobile in Milan, Secursat presented an exhibition by the artist Massimo Catalani, Orizzonti Urbani - Arte & Sicurezza, opening for the first time to ...

SECURWEB 4.0 For the modern company

Organize and manage cloud security 

Security: Protection or Control

What if supervised would be protected? It was the title of a Secursat news from last year which, in an unprecedented historical moment where the need to feel “protected” increases, resonates even more relevant than ...

Big, Fast & Smart Data

Data to support the development of the security strategiesWith the continuous evolution of digital tools, the data and information obtainable from the use and management of connected and interconnected technological devices multiply. ...


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