SECURWEB 4.0 for the modern company 

Organize and manage cloud security 

Securweb 4.0 is a cloud platform to manage in a digitalized and organic way the technical assistance activities and the services connected to security, safety and facility. Securweb 4.0 allows you to organize information through the creation of computer tickets, associating the activities to the different systems, personal data, stocks and service providers, thus allowing the monitoring of the status of the interventions and the costs associated with the activities with automatic reports and analysis activities .

Through Securweb 4.0 it is also possible, not only, to plan services and standardize behaviors, but also to obtain reports and alerts on reports and / or events, manage tickets through real-time acquisition of requests for intervention and confirmation of execution, monitoring SLAs and contractual KPIs in a simple, intuitive and easily shareable way. Securweb 4.0 allows customized research on the number of maintenance interventions, on the type and analysis of the costs of the various activities. The analysis, collection and verification of data is carried out directly by our team of experienced people.

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Management of interventions on

site SLA and KPI Monitoring 

contractuals through

an online dashboard


Secursat uses the Securweb 4.0 platform to manage assistance activities and security, safety, facility services through a Technical Contact Center that receives requests via email, telephone or through customer platforms and manages them by technically analyzing the interventions and solving remotely up to 80% of the activities, and carrying out certified ordinary remote maintenance operations, reducing unnecessary on-site interventions.

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80% of requests solved remotely thanks to the support of the technical concact center

In a world today where digital transformation processes impose a profound transformation process on companies and institutions, Securweb 4.0 plays a decisive role in the reorientation of costs, activities and skills. It is a cloud security platform that allows you to computerize and digitize the management of security services. A web service platform dedicated to companies that intend to deal with processes of outsourcing and digitizing information relating to assistance and service activities connected to plants and security systems and more. A model for businesses aimed at emphasizing how the mapping and reorganization of security processes and costs can create value for management thanks to new technologies aimed at data analysis.