Evolutionary scenarios in remote security management 

Security Operation Center, Control Room, or as defined by the UNI CEI EN 50518:2020 standard, Monitoring Alarm Receiving Center, can become the nerve center in the management of security services.Maura Mormile, Secursat Business Development Manager, shares a concrete and current vision of the possible evolution of Control Room management models.

Security technologies and equipment can hardly make a difference in the construction and management of a modern complex security model, which can only be complete through the construction of adequate technological management processes, local or remote, which allow for the implementation of governance. security.

Secursat, in consideration of the increasingly rapid alignment between the issues of physical security and logical security and the ever-increasing importance of the network in the development of business processes at all levels, is implementing security management models that evolve in this direction.

We are carrying out innovative projects with the awareness that within a Control Room platforms for integration, technological management or video management are no longer sufficient to make the SOC an adequate place to allow an organization to design effective security models. . So if on the one hand our technicians, in the approach to the design of remote technological management places, have studied which are the technical characteristics that allow to comply with the requirements of the regulations, which are the technological and layout solutions (ergonomic workstations, video matrices, monitors, etc.) more effective to meet management needs, on the other hand, Secursat analysts, thinking about the evolution of business development, have studied how to guarantee business continuity and disaster recovery for us and for our customers , and how to manage the transmission of data allowing the security of information, respect for privacy, and data collection.

The network infrastructure that regulates the data and information exchange process and the redundancy of the systems - in our case also guaranteed by the presence of two certified Security Operation Centers - thus become the main point of attention in the development of security projects. In this sense, the SOC in its traditional meaning, in our vision, already today and again in the next few years, tends to evolve towards a model more similar to a Network Operation Center, that is a place where also the operating status of the network can be monitored, connections and communication links.

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The progressive evolution from SOC to NOC, and the integration between event management platforms, deriving from traditional security systems such as cameras, sensors, etc., and platforms for monitoring the status of the network and communications, will therefore make it possible to address the challenges imposed by the near future.

The SOC as a physical and virtual place where to remotely investigate faults and malfunctions, investigate the status of equipment, sensors and systems, directing efforts in a targeted manner and using the network as a tool to allow remote maintenance and therefore reduce the impacts of on-site interventions. unnecessary site. Not just a place to manage events and reports, which represent one of which of a much broader process, but the basic element of a path aimed at building technological security governance for companies and organizations; where to guarantee business continuity, in the event of an emergency, to provide support in the reconstruction of critical events and situations by analyzing the data of the technological systems, and where to identify, among the large amount of data and information available, those useful for improving security processes and optimizing resources.

A mix of traditional and IT design skills, investments in advanced monitoring technologies compliant with security standards now widespread in the international market, together with a vision aimed at making, even physically, the SOC a suitable place for advanced technological management.

Between Security Operation Center and Network Operation Center, we at Secursat like to talk about Technological Hub, open to concrete innovation, capable of operating according to the traditional logic of a SOC and in compliance with regulations, and at the same time a place where platforms and the service models are managed on the cloud and are programmed to collect and analyze data and information, also useful for company management to guide choices and decisions, and where the network becomes the essential condition for guaranteeing service continuity.


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