Security model for sport: projects for sports centers

From the Monzello sports center to the U-Power Stadium, AC Monza through the project with Secursat starts the implementation of a technological security management model that aims at digitization and sustainability

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On the one hand, the need to guarantee safety for the best use of sporting events and on the other hand the growing attention to sustainability issues that are increasingly shaking global markets, also affecting the world of sport, which today more than ever is found having to rethink the management model of sporting events.

If the guarantee of safety and usability of the events by the widest possible audience have always been the main two focal points towards which the efforts of the clubs are concentrated, AC Monza, looking to the future, has started a path aimed at redesign the philosophy of managing sporting events also in the light of sustainability issues.

The investments made by the Club for the U-Power Stadium and for the Monzello Sports Center were aimed not only at improving the general usability of the spaces by adapting them to the needs of the team and fans, but also at generating an impact on the environment and on the chain. of value.

Secursat has implemented safety technologies that have allowed AC Monza to increase the safety levels of the stadium and the sports center by adopting a remote management and maintenance model with a direct impact on the rationalization of mobility and the reduction of waste. technological through the recovery, where possible, of already existing technologies.

The starting point was to identify digital solutions capable of exploiting the advantages of management through the network to make places safer, remotely monitoring them 24 hours a day and not only during sporting events, to then make safety a first tool through the which to implement innovative sustainability policies.

This is a new generation of initiatives aimed at the renewal of sports facilities, identifying the possible synergies between actions capable of increasing costs on the one hand and bringing results related to sustainability on the other, for a concept of stadium and event management. different and innovative, where digitization will be the guide for future choices.



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