A company specialises in risk management by providing security services.



From the accurate and thorough analysis of individual sectors of industry and services, we process data and develop state-of-the-art solutions and systems to define strategic and integrated security models for companies. We plan risk reduction and mitigation tools for our customers to prevent risks, understand their potential impacts and reduce their effects. We develop security solutions that foresee and perceive threats from the internal and external environment and adopt the best options to ensure business continuity.




Chief Executive Officer

Giuseppe Calabrese

He has gained his professional experience mainly in two fields:  Public Administration, and in international private companies operating in the security sector in Italy and abroad, where he has held important managerial roles.  In essence, he was CEO of Prosegur Italia, a Spanish Group listed on the Madrid Stock Exchange; Country President for Niscayah, a Swedish Group listed in Stockholm; and General manager of Stanley Security, listed on NASDAQ. In 2013 he inspired a far-sighted entrepreneurial project: Secursat of which he is currently the CEO, Chairman of the Board and majority shareholder.

Monitoring Manager

Daniele Ciappina

Security manager certified according to UNI 10459 has gained experience in the security sector and in the supervision of internal and external activities and personnel management, covering roles of responsibility and coordination. He now manages all monitoring-related processes, helping to ensure the correct continuity of activities and finding innovative solutions to implement organisational and management models.

Business Development Manager

Maura Mormile

After graduating from the Luigi Bocconi University in Milan in 2018, she joined Secursat. In a few years she redesigned its communications and organization prioritising its new repositioning on the market. This resulted in the acceleration of growth processes and the identification of targets contributing to defining policies by setting up a totally innovative business unit, strategic guide of the company and as a consequence the business achieved successful economic and financial results.

Technical Director

Alessandro Visconti

A UNI 10459-certified professional, he combines expertise and passion for technology with 20 years' experience in the security sector, where he has followed and developed numerous technical integration solutions for different clients and sectors, replicating and implementing models originating in the banking world in different industry segments by combining great technical ability with innovative design and business aptitudes. 

"Security is a widespread process that cuts across the different business areas of organisations. In this day and age, more than ever, we are in a labyrinth with no boundaries, where everything flows at great speed, physical and virtual spaces intersect to the point of almost annulling all perimeters".  

Giuseppe Calabrese, CEO





A team of professionals certified according to UNI CEI EN 10459, detective analysts and a mix of transversal competences to carry out comprehensive risk assessments and analyses, develop predictive and innovative models and effectively communicate our mission. A team of digital enthusiasts, able to combine traditional, criminological, technological and communication skills with the aim of designing and implementing digitised security processes and services, mapping all types of risk for companies and people.


Discover the Team

Risk Assessment & Data Analysis Account

Francesca Balducci

Graduating in Security Sciences and a specialisation in Criminology, Francesca Balducci has developed specific skills in risk analysis and company management. Organising and gathering security data and information, developing innovative models and strategies for protection, mitigation and implementation of organisational solutions. Today, in the BD area, she follows risk assessment and analysis within the framework of advanced consulting projects. 

Security Project & Design Account

Alessio Cino

A young explorer of security solutions with a degree in Security Sciences, after specialising in criminological studies and gaining certification as a security manager, he implemented design models for a large Italian bank for Secursat, dealing with analysis and integration processes. Today, in the BD area, he follows the design of security systems, technical coordination and the development of innovative technological solutions.

Marketing & Comunicazione Account

Erika Gori

Young graduate in Political Science is dedicated to the communication of Secursat researching new and innovative languages through various channels, from traditional media to new digital media, for an effective transmission of values and mission that distinguish our business model.

Customer Account

Linda La Grotteria

Thanks to his previous experience in the retail world and his knowledge of the sector's logics, he contributes to the development of innovative security models to improve store management, responding to the needs and requirements of any type of retailer, from fashion to large-scale retail, in order to find increasingly effective and sustainable solutions.

Security Project & Design Account

Giovanni Saja

With ten years' experience in the telecommunications security sector, Security Manager certified according to UNI 10459, he now carries out high-profile technical and technological projects for Secursat to develop a design based on risk and data analysis, using innovative approaches and solutions.

Monitoring & Maintenance Data Analyst

Anna Maria Petracca

With a background in Security Science and Criminology, a UNI 10459-certified Security Manager, he works for Secursat on the development of digitised and sustainable monitoring and remote maintenance management models and the development of innovative technological solutions through evaluation and analysis of regular data and information.






Security Controller

Filippo Ghia

Organization & Administration

Alfredo Mazzaferro

Contact Center Account

Fausto Lombardo




Security Operation Centres (SOCs) certified in accordance with the UNI CEI EN 50518 standard and a Service & Maintenance Business Unit comprising 20 resources, through which we carry out monitoring activities and integrated remote management of plants and security system on a 24- hour basis. We use open and integrated platforms operating on the netword, in the cloud, virtualised and digitalised. We operate in the remote management and remote assistance of network infrastructures, implementing, designing and maintaining complex security and safety systems, capable of operating in an integrated manner according to the most cutting- edge logic of scalability and security.


Discover the Hub

Administrative Assistant

Stefania Salvaderi

Security Operation Center Account

Domenico Sacco

Contact Center Support

Denise Silvestri

Technical Support

Giuseppe Sambin

Contact Center Support

Stella Ruka

Technical Support

Emiliano Getti

Technical Support Specialist

Massimo Cometti

Security Operation Center

Antonio Arcadi

Security Operation Center

Luciano Piscioneri

Security Operation Center

Maurizio Bonelli

Security Operation Center

Carlo Madia



Mission & Vision

Our mission is to convey the important strategic value of security for communities, companies and organisations. this is done by overturning the traditional concept of security, redesigning it within a broder concept of business protection and process governance.

In a perimeter-free political and economic evolution where scenarios are changing and geopolitics are charting news paths, Secursat interprets security as a protective umbrella for the business as a whole.

According to our view, a virtuous use of technology assists organisation to create stretegies based on the digitisation of activities, the collection and processing of tangible and relevant data, the reduction of mobility in support of sustainable development policies, toraise the security levels of people, goods, places and data in an modern and competent way.


"Ethical and sustainable business is our key driver for business development". Giuseppe Calabrese







Secursat demonstretes its corporate responsability through the acquisition of certifications that ensure our professionals work compliace, system, processes and services that meet the requirements set by national and international norms and standards.


Certification attesting that Secursat's system complies with the UNI EN ISO 9001:2015 standard in relation to consultancy, design and provision of security services and systems: remote surveillance services, installation and assistance, service management brokerage, corporate security


Certifies the qualification issued to Secursat for the execution of public works (pursuant to D.P.R 207/2010)


Secursat has certified professionals in its organisation who are recognised as having the knowledge, competence, skills and expertise to ensure the overall management of security processes.


Certification attesting that the alarm monitoring and centre for alarm receiving signal complies with the UNI CEI EN 50518:2020 standard.


Certification attesting that Secursat's services comply with the UNI 10891:2022 standard for the functional class of services of: Receiving and management of signals from CCTV and remote surveillance systems, alarm intervention management.


Disciplines the characteristics and requirements for the performance of security services and activities in functional class B - receiving and management of signals from remote surveillance and remote monitoring systems. National territory.


Authorisation of networking activities for the management of security services.


Certification demonstrating that Secursat operates an effective internal Environmental Management System in accordance with the international standard.


Certification demonstrating that Secursat operates effectively using its own internal Occupational Safety Management System, in accordance with the international standard.


Secursat has obtained the IMQ registration as installer of security systems and is therefore authorized to issue IMQ certificates on plants registered to CEI standards.


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EcoVadis is an international sustainability rating platform that helps manage risk, ESG compliance and achieve corporate sustainability goals through assessment and scoring. Secursat completed the EcoVadis certification process by obtaining the Silver Medal and placing among the best 15% of companies assessed in the last 12 months.





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