The SOC for intelligent management also of fire prevention systems

The regulatory changes of UNI 9795:2021

Intelligently protecting companies and organizations with monitoring and remote risk management tools, integrating security and safety, is now possible. The Security Operation Centers (SOC) certified in accordance with the UNI CEI EN 50518: 2020 standard, become the way forward for technological governance and guarantee compliance with sector regulations.  The new version of the UNI 9795: 2021 standard which came into force on 2 December relating to fire-fighting systems, in fact, regulates the methods of transmission and management of reports, requiring certified communicators, with bidirectional channels, on the one hand, but also management from suitable and certified locations such as SOC, on the other.

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In this sense, SOCs, if designed as agile, resilient structures, with not only traditional security skills, but also technical and technological ones, become the necessary tool to create a technological governance capable of integrating security, safety and more.

Contact us for an analysis of your management models, the adequacy of the systems with respect to the new regulations and to find out how Secursat can help manage, in compliance with the legislation, the reports of fire systems. 

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