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On 8th June Secursat will organise a conference at the University of Asti, in cooperation with the Piedmont University and the Industrial Union of the Province of Asti, entitled "The Permacrisis: Scenarios, Technologies and New Challenges", which will address the topic of the permacrisis from different perspectives.

The event will take place from 6 p.m. to 7.30 p.m. at the University of Asti.

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Banking and Security 23

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Secursat took part in the 20th edition of Banks and Security, a major event for physical and digital security within the banking and financial sector, in Milan at the Auditorium Bezzi Banco BPM on 16 and 17 May, organised by ABI Eventi. An opportunity to showcase Secursat's innovative models within a particular field such as banking, through data analysis and concrete case studies that will bring advanced digitalised processes and solutions to the fore.

     Pic on the right:

  • Francesca Balducci, Risk Assessment & Data Analysis Account Secursat in the session dedicated to "Advanced Analytics and Artificial Intelligence"
  • Maura Mormile, Business Development Manager at Secursat during her speech for the panel "Evolving in security: new tools for operational resilience".


Fuorisalone 23

On the occasion of the Milan Design Week 2023 and as part of the official Fuorisalone circuit, Secursat organized an event at its Milan offices: a group exhibition entitled "Orizzonti Luminosi - exhibition in the dark".

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News Service SkyTg24

The service realised by Sky Now to tell about our approach to security and risk management, which, thanks to the valuable activities carried out by the Technological Hub, allows us to pursue and develop an innovative business model.

The service is available on Sky Video!

Milano Digital Week 2022

On the occasion of the Milano Digital Week held from 10 to 14 November 2022, on Monday 14 November Secursat hosted the event "Una security digitale e sostenibile: un punto di vista al femminile" at the Milan offices. An opportunity to discuss and bring new ideas on the development of limits, fil rouge of the Digital Week this year, and to reflect on how digital approaches represent the path to follow for concrete and sustainable secuirty processes within companies.

The event moderated by journalist Stefano Zurlo had as protagonists 6 professionals with different backgrounds, who shared their personal and professional experience, their vision and their possible solutions to build new innovative and sustainable models, confronting the current limits of technological evolution.


H D'Oro Prize 2022

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In the afternoon of 27 October, the ceremony for the H D'Oro award 2022 award was held at the Olympic Theatre in Vicenza, founded by Hesa S.p.a in 2006 and promoted by the Hruby Foundation since 2008 to enhance and reward the best security technology solutions tailored to different areas to be protected and with them the professionalism of the most qualified operators.

Secursat won the first prize in the category "Heritage museums", with a project realized in 2021 for the Asti Musei Foundation.

Alongside, CEO Giuseppe Calabrese who receives the award from the Director of the Uffizi Gallery, Eike Schmidt.




Forum Retail 2022

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On October 25 at Mico for the 22nd edition of the Retail Forum, Secursat Business Development Manager Maura Mormile gave a speech dedicated to how technology management makes possible digital and sustainable models in the retail world, in a panel dedicated to Green Retail.

In the picture, starting from the left, the other panel guests: Simone Targetti Ferri - Chief Sustainability Director L'Oréal, Arianna Furia - Director of Retail Sales LloydsFarmacia and Maura Mormile - Business Development Manager of Secursat.

Learn more about Forum Retail 2022.

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Libero Tv Interview

Our CEO Giuseppe Calabrese was interviewed in August 2022 by Libero Tv, to talk about security, risk management and government processes, from the use of technology to better live cities to the value and importance of people.

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SFR - Security for Retail 2022

On 20 October, Secursat took part in the event organized by Securindex, dedicated to the supply chain and retail chains, through which very topical issues were developed and insights on aspects such as security, protection and risk management, in terms of social, environmental and political sustainability.

Learn more about the SFR 2022


Orizzonti Urbani - Arte & Sicurezza

From 7 to 12 June during the week of the Salone del Mobile in Milan, Secursat presented an exhibition by the artist Massimo Catalani, opening for the first time the public the innovative Technology Hub dedicated to remote management and the digitalization of risk management processes.

The press release on Repubblica.

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The 30 years of Aipsa

For the 30th anniversary of Aipsa, the Secursat Business Development Manager Maura Mormile talks about the Secursat Business model.


Award ceremony SBA

The CEO Secursat Giuseppe Calabrese on the occasion of the celebration ceremony for the passage in Serie C of the SBA - Scuola Basket Asti, awarded with a plaque named after Eng. Piero Ghia the best player of the team.


Confini Inspiring Pr

In the setting of the Scuola Grande San Giovanni Evangelista in Venice, our CEO Giuseppe Calabrese talks about security between borders and new limits.



SFR - Security for Retail 2019

In Milan at Terrazza Martini Secursat tells how to obtain useful data and information to also target marketing activities through security technologies.


70 years of Big Brother - Eco della Stampa

How does communication change? And what are the communication scenarios in the security sector?

The 70-year event of Big Brother organized by Eco della Stampa in Terrazza Martini in Milan was an opportunity to share the role of communication during critical events.