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Travel Risk Management

Travel Risk Management refers to the management of travel and travel risk and the set of processes by which an organization identifies, analyzes, quantifies and monitors the risks associated with business travel or travel by its employees, who need appropriate protection.

Globalization and the ease of travel nowadays has made international travel an increasingly frequent activity, as well as a necessity, for companies and their business, drawing attention to the management of a process as sensitive as Travel Security, which must protect the health and safety of travelers.

When preparing for travel, key steps to follow include: an assessment in advance of possible risks, adequate training and information for travelers, and a guarantee of constant assistance and support throughout travel.

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Our Travel Security Service for Companies

Secursat helps clients operate and develop their business safely. By monitoring foreign factories and production sites, we ensure the safety of managers, employees, relocators and travelers anywhere in the world. Thanks to international partnership agreements, Secursat has developed for its clients a top-level Travel Security service, based on intelligence actions and state-of-the-art technology.

In partnership with Solace Global, a specialist in travel risk management services, Secursat offers a complete Travel Security and Facility Management service for companies to manage foreign operations safely and securely. Global threat levels remain high from the present geo-political situation, however with our world-class technology, we can mitigate the possible threats of the destination country by offering 24hr support for security assistance.

In compliance with the provisions contained in D.lgs 231/01 and D.lgs t.u. 81/08, Secursat guarantees workers' safety and business continuity, anywhere in the world, with a performant, purpose-designed technological application, backed by a Global Security Operations Centre, with teams of intelligence and security experts available 24/7/365.

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It is possible to customize the service according to the needs of each client, the nature of the business and the reasons for travel, to make the use of the Travel service as easy and at the same time as efficient and functional as possible, so as to prevent and mitigate all possible risk scenarios.

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