Integrated security system

Intelligent technological security infrastructure

Secursat designs and creates intelligent technological infrastructure in which anti-intrusion, access control, video-surveillance and fire prevention systems, and technical, energy and IT etc. signal management systems converge to create a capillary, intelligent data collection system. Integration of the different systems means they can communicate and memorise behaviour and information and develop scenarios. Secursat creates a unique security management model obtaining greater effectiveness and efficiency with the organic, overall planning of security governance based on the analysis and processing of real, reliable data and scenarios. 

Secursat designs and installs integrated security infrastructure according to the business needs and the asset status - personalised applications that integrate perfectly with different system architectures and networks, having specific skill in the integration of traditional security systems with more modern, innovative ones. Secursat manages the system so that the business complies with the regulations and legislative obligations and is able to adapt to the continuous changes in the security perimeter and risk scenarios.