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7 - 12 June Massimo Catalani in Milan

On the occasion of the week of the Salone del Mobile in Milan, Secursat presents an exhibition by the artist Massimo Catalani, opening for the first time to the public, only by reservation or invitation, the innovative Technology Hub dedicated to the remote management and digitalization of risk management processes, in Corso Monforte 36, Milan.

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The protagonists of the exhibition are the skylines of Milan, from the Pirelli skyscraper of Giò Ponti to the Torre Velasca, the sculptures of Ulisse Stacchini at the Central Station and beyond, to create a bridge between art and security, between the need to spread the messages of artistic thought and that of protecting the most significant elements.

An idea born from Secursat’s passion for art and architecture, the attention and urgency to preserve its uniqueness, and the need to carry on an idea of security as a tool for the protection of goods, environments and people,  integrated to the design of the spaces and on a larger scale to the design of the city, the Urban Planning and all the transformations underway in our Italian metropolises.

"Art renews peoples and reveals their lives" - so between the lines of buildings, between the modern geometries and the details of the oldest past in the works of Catalans we find the deep roots on which we have set our relationship with the places and renew our commitment to the future, redesigning new ways to protect them and imagining new ways to live them.


The event: profiles and boundaries between the physical and the digital

The event, curated by the architect Alessia Bennani, allows you to grasp the details of the compositional technique that distinguishes the artist, using salts and photoluminescent pigments that allow the works to absorb daylight and release it at night.

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We set our business project by blurring the boundaries of security to make it the tool to feel more free, without walls, without barriers; and so we decided to make our spaces open and between the union of lights and shadows, skills and technologies, to open ourselves to artistic thought in a mix of physical and virtual experiences. 

Spaces to think and meet but also to stop and appreciate the charm of beauty and tell through the study of forms our present, our past, our future.

A project for art born from art and the desire to protect it and at the same time spread it without borders or barriers.

During the event it will also be possible to connect online from a selected work, for an experience that merges the physical boundaries to the virtual ones and creates a bridge between the physical and the digital path.



From places, to ideas, to human relationships


Massimo Catalani

Massimo Catalani,  Architect Romano, is an International artist, whose exhibitions and performances are known all over the world, from Europe to the United States, China and the United Arab Emirates, counting countless achievements in both private collections and institutional places. Chosen and selected for the Farnesina collection, his works represent the Italian identity in the world, passing from architecture to landscape and biodiversity, communicating important messages through innovative techniques halfway between sculpture and painting.


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