"You don't need 1000 cameras but a smart one"


The profound changes that have affected the banking business in recent years, and the technological evolution have opened new scenarios; money is increasingly dematerialized and the need for rationalization of structures and costs has paved the way for innovative and smart security models.

Secursat, in the context of these changes, has implemented, for banking industry, new security standards through the use of video analysis for the protection of some critical points, specifically identified as a result of a complex Risk Analysis activities.

According to Secursat, the value and the effectiveness of security products and systems lies in strategic planning, integrated management and technological intelligence that make them perform and capable of providing an active contribution, guaranteeing, at the same time, security and safety standards . This means a modern concept of video control in which the video analysis algorithms transform a camera, a new camera or a camera in a good state of conservation, into a sensor, with the aim of rationalizing the use and the number of security devices and at the same time realizing effective and predictive real-time monitoring.

A protection that starts from the outside and that, thanks to the system's self-learning capacity, allows to understand and analyse scenarios and situations and evaluate them according to the customer's experience and the data collected. 

These new predictive protection logics have been fully installation of a massive amount of devices. Thanks to integrated management and application of artificial intelligence software it’s possible to improve the performance of the existing facilities, to raise the overall levels of security and also to realize a flexible model and to collect data useful to develop strategies for control and business development.


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