The restart after Covid-19

Think about the new security models "in safety"

For some years, Secursat has been working on the innovative idea of ​​"security governance" and "technology governance", carrying forward the concept that, today, security is a more complex process than a technological installation or an emergency guard for overcome crises.

In these weeks of reflection, on how to rethink the models of life, organization and business, to mitigate the risk of leaving in disorder, it is necessary to outline the guidelines that regulate the new organizational processes, bringing together the different aspects of security and safety.

In consideration of the framework of government rules, destined to profoundly change the habits of life and work, Secursat is helping companies to define certain rules and simple, but effective and long-term actions, to face and react to the emergency by setting how priority analysis of risks and the importance of social distancing.

This is our security governance model: clarity in choices and respect for deadlines, for corporate security that guides the restart towards future "normality".

Considering the impossibility of obtaining "zero risk", we have prepared new rules, new limits, we put together the different technologies, from thermal monitoring to Apps to control and organize activities and movements, in order to interpret the choices within a strategy and not to undertake a disjointed series of actions.

At the same time, we are talking about a new business organization model, based on the new needs to protect individual and collective health and on the search for solutions capable of exploiting the network and being managed remotely to reduce the impact of mobility, even in the near future. future.

An innovative model that, through integrated platforms developed on cloud in the PSIM and WebServer logic, is able to implement monitoring activities that allow remote management of sites, activities, structures and resources, reducing up to 90% the activities traditionally carried out on site, with a consequent easily measurable economic impact.

An approach, based on technology, capable of remotely certifying 10% of the activities that currently require mobility and physical presence on site, reducing mobility, with a consequent direct mitigation of risks, and at the same time allowing companies to increase the ability to monitor the management process of services and activities at the offices.

For us, this is a strategic vision of the future that does not allow mistakes but requires the ability to innovate traditional models by identifying experiences and skills for "no core" but strategic activities in this vision of the future and risks, for a future " normality ”, perhaps entirely new, which today requires the courage of decisions and choices.


Contact us for more information on guidelines and technologies to restart safely.

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