Secursat: Security and Protection

And if all watched, would be all protected?

What are the impacts on physical security and on the level of protection thanks to the data collection and storage? And if all watched,would be all protected?

Recently the attention of the national press has been focused on the very current issue of the growing distrust of consumers over the misuse of personal data.

For Secursat, which is facing important investments in terms of technologies and resources in the field of data analysis for security services, the "surveillance" and the control that data acquisition allows to exercise, has a very important value also in terms of ability to protect people, goods, places and the same data.

The reflection that Secursat, with increasing conviction, carries forward, in fact, is that the analysis and processing of data and information, even directly connected with the behavior of people, helps to achieve higher standards of protection, and above all, helps to design strategies capable of predicting and preventing risk scenarios.

The "all supervised", thanks to business approaches based on data analysisethically oriented and complying with regulations and privacy, could therefore be translated into "all protected", creating a modern concept of security.

The perception of insecurity and therefore the fear of consumers, as well as of companies in general, concerning the improper use of data, the loss of information due to accidents, together with the claim to transfer information quickly and to use increasingly larger virtual spaces and at low cost by accessing your data in a simple and flexible way, it requires the ability to control technology and processes, therefore skills and rules.

A new safety culture in which everyone, people, companies and institutions, recognize their strategic value in terms of technology use, organization and design of systems and security models adequate to the new global scenarios.

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