Security Governance: What it is and why there is a growing need

Not just solutions but organizational and technological security models

That the security scenario has changed and is changing rapidly is now evident. Technological revolutions, economic, cultural and socio-demographic changes have profoundly changed the way of doing business and doing it safely.

Security and Safety combine with data protection issues requiring specific skills and a univocal approach that is able to find a common thread that helps companies to clearly understand their strategy of protection of the business, in compliance with current regulations: the Security Governance.

Secursat, designs organizational and technological models aimed at the government and overseeing the activities of security, safety, and data protection.

Starting from the analysis of the context, of all the security solutions implemented and of the procedures in use, Secursat develops risk-based strategies aimed at raising the levels of protection in respect of budgets, focused on raising the level of effectiveness and efficiency of solutions thanks to predefined security models.

Moreover, Secursat optimizes the results achieved thanks to the analysis of security data, to understand how the use of the product, the practices and the policies can be implemented from time to time.

An operational consulting to help customers to comply with current regulations, to adopt a global security model and choose the most appropriate security products according to the needs of the business, a strategic consultancy to outline, based on data analysis, actions to make them effective, efficient and in line with the changes in the scenario.


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