Beyond resilience for true risk management

Resilince and Innovation: recent challenges in global markets have further pushed companies and organizations to face crises.

The recent challenges that global markets have faced, have furthered the focus of companies and organizations on the ability to be resilient, as a fundamental element to withstand crisis events and situations.

Although resilience is a very important element in companies and organizations, especially for those who deal with risk scenarios, considering the modern very rapid evolution it may not be enough on its own to allow companies to overcome or even grow stronger by crisis events.

What companies must build for a complete risk management is a continuous path of internal innovation at an organizational and technological level. Innovation should not be implemented as a response to a crisis event or to changing scenarios but as a fundamental element to ensure the normal functioning of activities.

The same tools of corporate security, although capable of providing an adequate response to the needs of an organization, must necessarily be involved in the overall innovation process and continuously innovated, to be able to develop predictive and preventive capabilities.

It is only the revolution and the continuous questioning of traditional models that allows companies to develop the useful and necessary flexibility to mitigate the impacts of changes in risk scenarios at different levels, to which resilience is added as an important element for resistance during crises and unpredictable events.

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