Remote Maintenance

Digitization of services as primary driver to ensure Business Continuity

In a global scenario difficult to decipher and to measure in terms of economic social impacts,  today according to Secursat's vision, the primary need for businesses and society in general is resilience, not only as methods of resistance and response to the COvid-19 crisis, but above all, as an indispensable condition for facing new demands and the inevitable changes in commercial, economic and social habits and models.

Secursat, thanks to a concrete digitalization process managed in the past years and at all levels of its organization, it has developed a proven and tested ability to operate remotely without interrupting services and contextually to cope with the reduction of mobility. Secursat in forecast of a persistent condition of uncertainty and subsequent gradual restart, has developed and implemented a remote assistance model, exploiting the benefits of connectivity.

Through a mix of security and technological management skills present at the Security Operation Center, and using cloud based platform, Secursat is able to guarantee remotelly the correct functioning of the security by remotely screening and testing the state of the plants, creating the conditions of efficiency of the systems for resuming activities.

It is a remote maintenance certified and compliant with the sector regulations, which provides for the number of on-site interventions to the only necessary, provides for limiting travel and contacts, protecting the well-being of employees and the continuity of the business, and the first frontier of a change inevitable in the provision of security services.

An innovative management model through which we need the necessary resilience for us and our customers to cope with all the emergency today and its side effects tomorrow.