Artificial Intelligence or Human Intelligence?


The technological revolution, with the IOT and the Machine-Learning, has revolutionized the business models in general and in terms of security has intrinsically changed the overall security governance and the approach to the physical and logical equipment. 

Secursat develops security models in which technological and human innovation evolve together.

Within this security approach, for example, the video-camera, thanks to technology and artificial intelligence, can also be a tool for collecting data and developing scenarios useful for strategically security and marketing activities too. In this context, the traditional maintenance activity, thanks to new technological processes, in many cases becomes remote diagnosis and remote assistance; an activity of remote control aimed at guaranteeing the proper functioning and safety of the plants, which takes on the predictive and analytical characteristics necessary for the realization of an overall model of security.

However, the irreversible evolution of technology must be combined with the contribution of the human who conceived and programmed it. In fact the data collected by the systems require men able to select and understand them according to the contingencies, experience and needs concerning the people and the business that a machine is not yet able to understand. Moreover the enormous advantage of remote assistance, which reduces time and costs, is non-interest-bearing without an interlocutor able to process scenarios, intervene in a timely manner expressing the potential of a service necessary to support an effective security model.

So technology and human work are not enough for themselves but are to be considered a combination, in many cases unavoidable, and ever-evolving activities. This means innovation according to Secursat, a constant reflection on the evolution of the scenario that is transformed thanks to technology, and at the same time a continuous search for the development of human skills and expertise. 


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